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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Teaching Health?!?

So back in September, I forgot to tell you that I started teaching Health class in the kid's
school.  Small, little, private, Christian school where most teachers are volunteer.  I teach
7th and 12th health.  Blessed to have both of my daughter's in my classes this year -haha, I know you are snickering--
It has been quite the experience so far.  The 7th graders are quite spunky, and LOUD!  The 12th graders KNOW everything and really seem to have it all together.
Both classes really surprised me...they are both so different.  Fun in different ways but what surprised me the most was that my daughters are really respectful of what I have to say and what I have to teach!   No eye rolling or "MOM!" 
Of course I treat them like any other student...that was the rule when I discussed this with them before I agreed to take this on!  So I just finished the marking period...let's see how they like their grades!   ☺

The Lord moves SO fast, sometimes I am running to catch up!

What a whirlwind this last month has been!  The Lord has moved SO fast!
First, let me tell you about a venture that began in 2005, when I first started attending my current church, Living Word.  Going to a new church, not too many people knew me or what I did every day... my doula-ing...It felt good to just go, get fed in the word.  I came from a very small church, in which I was VERY involved...nursery director, children's bible school teacher, VBS craft lady since 1997.    Attended with my family, got fed in the Word, got to know people, my quiet self.  But I knew I desired more.  I also knew the Lord had a plan and I was anxious and impatient to get started.  I trusted, though, that He would have a time for my doula-ing to and knowledge to become known.  Over the years, I began a meal ministry, preparing meal calendars for new moms...simple.  A way to get to know young moms.   They started to trust me and began asking questions.  Finally one mom asked me to be her doula.  Then another mom heard about doulas from her CBE class.  Asked me to be her doula!  My best friend in the church was my 3rd one; I supported her twice.  I was so blessed as the Lord moved through these situations and spread the news of servanthood.  But still, I wanted more.  Please Lord, let me DO something more here!
Finally, this summer...I was at my friend's birthday dinner.  With a table full of women, two asked me "what does a Doula DO exactly?"  I tried to keep it five minutes or less so as not to bore people or have them wishing they did not ask, but to my surprise they kept asking more questions and all the women of the church were so happy to have this knowledge and education available to them for 'their' daughters or sons!  One suggested that I hold childbirth classes at the church.  I told her this was my intention.  She encouraged me to speak to the assistant pastor about getting it started.  That night I heard from the Lord.  IT's TIME!  I spoke to the assistant pastor the next week and just held my first Living Word Lullaby ministry meeting this past week!  The couples were so excited.  We now have 9 couples expecting in our church!  I explained to them that I was not holding the sessions to promote the doula was to serve them....the Lord was my facilitator!   Again to my surprise, they asked so many questions about doulas!  I am so blessed to have been called to do this work!  Also so blessed to have Christian doulas within the agency so we can all help each other minister to these women!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Always a blessing...what I remember about my first DOULA birth..

In 2000, I attended my FIRST birth as a doula....

The weekend before, I was actually called to be a back up while she was away (and was thrilled) by a local doula--
We all made it through the weekend withOUT the mom going into labor.  I felt let down...
I had wanted to go so badly!

I was surprised by a call in the middle of the night...out of the blue...the other doula, A, called me asking me if I would like to meet her up at CGH to doula with her!  DOULA WITH?  Wow...of course I would!
I arrived before A, and I remember feeling nervous...I had my little doula bag, tried to remember everything I had learned and experienced as a mom of five in labor and delivery.
When A came, and the mom was in the bathroom, the midwife came in too, so A took me around, showing me all the little ins and outs of the hospital birth setting.  She showed me what was in her doula bag, what she thought was important etc etc. 
A stepped back and let me DOULA.  The mom was delivering her 3rd baby...what an honor!
At one point, she grabbed my hair, which I had NOT worn UP, and said, "HOW did YOU do THIS FIVE TIMES??????!!!!!!!"
I remember thinking, "What should I do?"  Instantly my instincts took over.... I held her face, talked her out of her panic and down into her birthing body, so she could again surrender to what her body was trying to do...
Beautiful baby girl was born shortly after. 
Thank you, A, for believing in me...

Thank you, God, for giving me this gift....

What did I learn on my FIRST birth as a doula?
NOT to forget hair TIES for MYSELF!!

NEW puppy coming!

Well it's September, my monthly post....
been so busy with kids getting ready and off to school, getting used to routine, Fall baseball, running club, soccer, and incorporating teaching 7th and 12th health as a volunteer at the school where my kids go.  Interesting, to say the least.

The most exciting piece of news is that our puppy is finally ready to COME home!  TANK will be going to his first vet visit tomorrow and probably be coming HOME on Friday.  He is just about 7 weeks old.  He is eating and drinking on his own.  We went to buy the puppy essentials, gave the crate to Alice, the mama's owner, and she is preparing herself for their departure.  She is already crying and I am sure I will cry along with her Friday.

Worked with a homebirthing midwife last month.  Beautiful baby boy born in the pool with all of the other siblings around.  Totally amazing.  THAT is what birthing is...

Amazing vbac with midwife here in Syracuse this past month.  The mom loved to squat during the birth so I quickly went to get a birthing stool when she started laboring down and there she sat delivered her baby right into her arms.  The doc came in ready to move her to the bed before she had the stronger urges, the the midwife said, NO, no, its fine, I will just sit on the floor and deliver the baby this way!
I hadn't seen that done since I had MY 4th in 1998.  I labored with her in the tub at the birthing center til I felt the urge to push, waddled over to the birthing stool and with my midwife sitting on the floor basically watching, I reached down and grabbed her up onto my chest.  My husband was totally in awe (it was HIS first baby).  He got the f ull experience...of a true natural uneventful labor. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Still Doula ing!

Welcome moms and dads! 
I promise I will try to blog at least once a month.  Life is soooo busy, as you all know, raising children.
I have five wonderful children that the Lord has entrusted me with.  Josh is now 22 and headed to graduation day from ITTech after taking a CAD.  Nicholle, 20, is at Oswego in her junior year, studying elementary and special ed.  Jenna, 16 a senior, is sickenly good at every sport and wants to be a gym/fitness teacher.  Cienna, 12 is starting her 7th grade and is just plain ahead of the game when it comes to maturity. Jordan,, our sweet Jordan, 10, is always smiling and making us laugh...wants to be an FBI agent.  (Thats him up there with our dog, Oreo...can you imagine that sweet face working for FBI?!!)
Myself, I am busy in the administrative role at Doulas of CNY, another blessing.  Through the years, God has worked in so many ways in our agency.  Taking direction from HIM is not always easy, but I always see the rewards of obedience.
I began doula-ing in 2000, taking the training, then wondering how I was going to change my lifestyle as a stay at home mom and day care provider.  I had KIDS at my house, and they were not mine!
My grandmother then became terminally ill and I took care of her, ran the house, daycare and put my doula career on hold for 6 months.
The day after gram died, I literally had my first call~
10 years later.. I am still doula-ing and lovin' it!